To access the windsock camera carry out the following steps:

1. load 'gdmss plus' from the android play store or 'idmss plus' from App store.

2. Launch the app which will display 4 blank camera feeds.

3. Select 'home' icon - top left corner and then from the home page select the 'scan' icon [-].

4. On the 'scan' page select 'Manually enter'. S/N: 5E0898APAG1BAA5. (5E zero not 'O').

5. Camera is a wired camera.

6. Next screen enter:
Device name - whatever you want to call the device (I used windsock),
User name: admin
password: Kilrush2020.

Now you are ready to go. When the image is displayed double tap on it to launch to full screen.

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